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SureWash is a big hit!

July 25, 2016

The SureWash system at Royal Stoke University Hospital is a big hit with staff, who were excited to show us their skills on a visit this morning.

"We love it! We're all competing to see who can be the best!" one of the team exclaimed as we looked at the usage of the system over the last week.

To get the best usage, the SureWash system has been placed directly opposite the main desk on the ward and all staff pass this many times a day during their shift.

"Even our consultants have been taking part in the challenge during their rounds" explains the ward administrator.

When asked what a difference the system is making, the staff were all positive and keen to keep improving their hand hygiene using this fun system. They were also keen to hear how they are performing on the levels and are pleased to be passing through the levels. "It helps us to know which areas of our hand hygiene need to be better" one member of the unit explained.

The Royal Stoke are trialling the SureWash system in a number of wards over the course of the next few weeks in the aim of improving hand hygiene.

PFE Medical are pleased to be working with the Infection Prevention team to help it's local hospital with their hand hygiene outcomes.

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