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SureWash coming your way soon...!

August 01, 2016

SureWash is being installed in a new hospital somewhere in England this week! PFE Medical have been working with the infection prevention team at a Midlands hospital to find the most effective way for SureWash to support their hand hygiene work.

Rebecca and Jane will be installing and training staff on how to use the SureWash system, but do assure everyone, it's really easy to use and is also a really fun way to undertake hand hygiene training. For the management teams, our team can tailor the reports to exactly what information is required, which is useful for targeting training and also addressing any additional support required.

If you've seen SureWash in your hospital, make sure you have a go and contact us and let us know what you think! and if you've not seen it yet, contact us to find out more!


SureWash coming your way soon...!
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