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Save the Date: 5th May 2017

March 21, 2017

Save Lives: Clean your hands 5th May 2017

World Health Organisation have launched their campaign for this year's Global Hand Hygiene Day. This year's focus is antibiotic resistance and hand hygiene is the key to an effective infection prevention strategy to tackle this.

PFE Medical will be supporting IPC teams across the UK with hand hygiene packages on 5th May. WHO is calling for multimodal strategies this year, where strategy and resources come together to achieve improved outcomes for hand hygiene.

SureWash is perfect to form part of this multimodal strategy as it brings training and auditing into a 24/7 resource.

Take a look at SureWash Elite and Go here

Then contact us to find out how SureWash can support your Clean Hands strategy for 5th May 2017.

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