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SureWash is the newest in hand hygiene technology and puts the HOW into hand hygiene for patients, visitors and patients..

Using gesture recognition technology the SureWash system enables 24/7 training in hand hygiene, whenever and wherever it is needed. Users are taken through a series of levels, learning and being tested on the WHO Hand Washing Competencies. Upon completion, management reports can be collated and analysed.

SureWash is a fun and interactive method of learning the WHO hand hygiene technique. Here it is in use at IPS 2016:


There are currently two options available; SureWash Elite and SureWash Go; with the latter being perfect for ensuring hand hygiene training can be delivered absolutely anywhere.



The SureWash Go in use:

To find out more, contact us and let our product specialist come and show you the amazing benefits for infection prevention and hand hygiene solutions available with SureWash.