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Cleaning Brushes

Brushes used during manual cleaning must now be fully disposable.

Double Sided Port Brush

Our brushes are double-ended with a small brush for passing through the channel (internal diam size 2.2 mm – 5.3mm) with a large port brush on the opposite end for cleaning within the biopsy port and valve housing.

Also available is the unique Caterpillar brush - this brush achieves a 15 times better clean with one pull through than conventional cleaning brushes, fitting both small and large endoscopes. The packaging also contains a peel-off traceability label to add to the patients notes.

Pull through Brushes are available in 3 channel sizes and 3 different lengths.

Superfine Brushes

Universal precautions state that all patients should be treated the same. Then why do some people still re-use cleaning brushes?

This could be because until now there has been no available disposable brushes that can be used on very narrow channelled instruments such as uretroscopes, intubating bronchoscopes and hysteroscopes.

Our Superfine brushes fit a channel size of less than 2mm and are disposable enabling you to standardise across your department regardless of the size of scope.

Do you buy through NHS Supply Chain?

If so, there are a variety of packages available. Click on the relevant size of caterpillar and port brush to be taken directly to the NHS Supply Chain Online Catalogue:

- Large Caterpillar Brush

- Double Sided Green Port Brush

- Large Pull through Brush

- Medium Pull through Brush

- Small Pull through Brush

- Superfine Cleaning Brushes