Product Code: 40012


Quantity: 10 x A, 10 x B

There are three aspects to the ultimate endoscope disinfectant...

Safe For Patients

TrioSafe kills all micro-organisms associated with endoscopy in just 5 minutes.

Safe For Users

The Material Safety Data sheet for TrioSafe shows it as being even safe for eye splashes and ingestion.


Why? Hypochlorous acid (TrioSafe) is used in our own white blood cells to kill invading micro-organisms so our body tolerates it totally.

Safe For Endoscopes And AER’s

TrioSafe has been tested with Fujinon and Olympus scopes with no degradation. It is compatible with all of the tested AER’s and Partners will underwrite its use.

How Is Triosafe Generated

We use a simple generator that is compact (80cm x 60xm x 26cm) and reliable. This is supplied free of charge, you just pay for the base and activator.