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Accessory Holder & Tags.

Accessory Holder


Quantity: Each

50x Tags

PC: 10008

100x Tags

PC: 10007

In keeping with the provision of traceability records for all items used during an endoscopic procedure, it is essential to ensure that accessories to the endoscope – in particular the valves – are kept with the correct instrument. Traditional “Persil bags” are a great way of achieving this but with one major drawback; being made of material, they retain moisture following a processing cycle which provides one of the essential conditions for the growth of micro-organisms.

Our answer? The Endoscope Accessory Holder affectionately known as the Tea Strainer (for obvious reasons) provides a surgical stainless steel version of the Persil bag capable of holding two sets of valves. These can be labeled to correspond with the endoscope that the buttons belong to or physically tagged to the ‘scope via our “EndoCap Leash” product.

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