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About Us.

PFE Medical started back in 2004, when founder Rob Hartley, along with a dedicated team of endoscopy specialists with experience that totalled up to over 150 years, built a revolutionary, family-run, respected business.

Starting with four, we now are a family of 36 employees and are always expanding.

First company to introduce video endoscopes

First company to stop selling glutaraldehyde

First company to launch an Automated Washer Disinfector complete with a 3-log clean

First company to introduce filtered water for the final rinse

First company to introduce a disposable endoscope, water cap, biopsy cap and suction buttons

Want to join?

When you work for PFE Medical, you make a difference in the lives of others. Our employees work in a dynamic environment that inspires innovation, caring and sustained achievements by individual employees and teams.

Why not have a look at what positions we currently have on offer!

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