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In The Scope - Issue One

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Hello! In this issue of In The Scope, we talk about our current ideas in regards to sustainability, and a quick message about the upcoming holidays and celebrations.

Scirocco Sustainability

As you know, PFE Group are really pushing to become more sustainable as a company and trying to find new ways in which we can improve our carbon footprint. One of our newest ideas is linked with our drying and storage system, the Scirocco.

Once the endoscopes are completely dry, they are currently stored in custom made bags that are made from plastic. To combat this, we have been testing with storage bags that are made from environmentally friendly paper. Created by Plus Packaging, the bag includes a gum seal to make sure the endoscopes are free from any moisture. We hope that it becomes another step forward to reaching Net Zero!

Endo Packs

We have also started a new Endo Pack range which include consumables that were originally in separate plastic packaging. These consist of up to five selected products sealed in an eco-friendly paper packet. These will be available on the website soon!

Spring Is Here!

After a very cold winter, Spring has finally arrived. The Sun starting to shine, days becoming warmer, flowers blooming. The start of Spring also means the Easter Holidays are around the corner. Loads of chocolate to be devoured in the next few we need a reason!


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