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ScopeFlow Pure.

Disposable water systems are pressurised via the light source using room air. So, especially during a colonoscopy list, the room air becomes contaminated with micro-organisms from all previous patients. This air is then pressurised into the water bottle. In tests, at least 50% bottles were contaminated!


We at PFE Medical have solved this problem by developing the ScopeFlow Pure. The Pure has an absolute filter within the bottle top that prevents any micro-organisms from entering the sterile water. Laboratory tests show that when the Pure is used, the water is as sterile at the end of a list as it was when first opened.


PC: SFP145

PC: SFP145CO2 (CO2)

PC: SFP145CO2S (Short)

Quantity: Box of 10


PC: SFP160

PC: SFP160CO2 (CO2)

PC: SFP160CO2S (Short)

Quantity: Box of 10


PC: SFP165

PC: SFP165CO2 (CO2)

PC: SFP165CO2S (Short)

Quantity: Box of 10

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